Research & Surfdash

How do these two fit together? The simple answer is:

Surfdash lets you store content from all over the web, organize it meaningfully, and generate automatic citations.

What does this mean? Think about how you research, how you organize your thoughts to create topics and themes. Now think about the entirety of the Internet and how difficult it is to organize all your online research. A daunting task, but now it's easy with!

Step 1: Create a topic

Any research paper starts with a topic – World War II, the History of Peanut Butter, whatever. With Surfdash, this topic becomes a Surf Board.

Create a Surf Board: (SD add sb)


Name your topic in the pop up: (SD add edit topic)


And it shows up on your list of Boards: (SD boards with PB)


Step 2:  Create Themes

You have a topic, now you need to focus your ideas. We've all done the diagram:

(SD venn diagram)


With Surfdash, the best ideas become subcategories within a Surf Board - like this:

Click on the blue fly out menu: (SD subcat flyout)

Add your "themes" to your topic's board: (SD add sub cat)

Now you have subcategories in your board: (SD PB with sub cat)


Step 3: Collect Research

Using the "Dash it!" button, add webpages, videos, and pictures to your boards & sub-boards.

Drag the Dash it! button to your toolbar: (SD drag dash it)

And start adding web pages, videos, and pictures to your dashboard with the click of a button: (SD add to SD)

*note – not all research goes as planned, so we've added the handy move and copy function to reorganize your research – just look for the gear: (SD move and copy)


Step 4: Generate APA or MLA Citations

Once your paper is finished, generate automatic citations in MLA or APA.


Click on the fly out menu: (SD click to cite)


Edit your citations: (SD citation edit)


Now copy and paste results for your paper: (SD mla citation)


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